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Angels International Family Enterprises

Our Purpose:

Angels International Family Enterprises Inc. / Chapter Veteran Homes mission is to build Angels International Family Enterprises Home of Our Heroic Angels Community property will be located in Orlando, Florida on 20 plus acres. Many of our veterans experience tough times and challenges after nobly serving their country. They continue to seek for better opportunities as a citizen and sometimes it can be a struggle. The purpose of this program is to assist veterans in the community and help them find a place to call home. Joyce Piner Trimble can attest to some of the challenges first hand being that her Father, John Phillip Piner, was a veteran. Joyce was able to see and experience her Father work tirelessly in the community after he served. Because this program is so dear to her heart, she decided to take on a great task in offering her time, finances and efforts to the veteran community. In trying to figure out her next steps, she realized how many lives her dad touched during his lifetime. She had the privilege in sharing the honor with her Father in 1989 when the John Phillip Piner Amvet Post 30 was named after him on Ferguson Street in Orlando, FL. The vision became clearer and she immediately committed herself to the task. She was able to renovate a home that her family owns where they lived until February of 2016 when they relocated to Miami. In addition, she has been working with a few of the realtors she knows and having them to place veterans in their properties. Her primary goal is to regenerate the local community by building a community for veterans, with the 1st phase of the community housing 64 veterans and building c community building on site to cater to the needs of hundreds of other veterans as well as the one living on site. This building will have a PTSD treatment program which will include all of the other treatment that trigger from PTSD such as substance abuse, mental diversities, along with job assessment, training and placement assistance. The building will also include a clubhouse, pool, store, clinic, exercise and gym, chapel, six offices, and a fishing pond with a small park. We strive to one day be a pillar not only of the veteran community but to communities everywhere. Mrs. Joyce Piner-Trimble is well on her way and has a desire to keep her Father's legacy alive. The positive efforts of Angels International Family Enterprises/ CHPT Veteran Homes have always been embraced by others. With the gracious feedback and support, it has allowed Joyce to push through some of the struggles in starting this program.