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Angels International Family Enterprises

Brick by brick, we will build a safe haven and acclimate them back into the communities that they have fought to keep intact. One Brick at a Time is seeking your assistance to make sure this lifelong vision a reality through your fiscal and physical support.It is very important that we remind those that fight and those that have fought for our country how important they are and making their existence as comfortable as they have made ours. 

Brick by Brick, paving the way to the community while building the community. 

So often we are seeing stories on the news about disabled veterans being homeless and through the He Got Up Event, I was able to go out into the community and speak with some. I learned of the loss of hope in our nation from our angels who are blessed to return back to the greatest country in the world only to find themselves homeless. I have constantly hear about how we plan to help them. I know that no one, or a small group of people have the answer, but I do know that together as a nation we do have the sources to impact a positive change for all those who want our help.