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Angels International Family Enterprises

The founding "ANGEL," Joyce Piner-Trimble

Founder, CEO

In 1996, Joyce Piner-Trimble envisioned facilities for special needs families. Through this non-profit project, Joyce planned to bridge diversity through families and unify them no matter the challenges.

Joyce plan to purchased land in Orlando to begin her project, however soon it will expand into Michigan as well. After she began working toward the Orlando vision, Joyce quickly realized that housing and transportation homeless and disabled veterans was her primary goal.

With the help and vision of God, and thorough research, Joyce was lead to begin the "One Veteran at a Time" project. The primary function of this endeavor was for transportation and housing; to build a community in Orlando that not only benefits veterans, but focused on youth involvement as well. Joyce has teamed up with different investors to place veterans in their homes. Joyce has sponsor and hosted football tournament in honor of our youth where ages 5 to 15 year old youths played at the Citrus Bowl. Angels sponsor and host a Annual Gala every year honoring different groups and organization of veterans. We adopted two villa's at Give Kids The World where we volunteer cleaning the villa's in preparation of a terminal ill family stay. Amvet Post 30 is one of our collaborations here in Orlando and we have now collaborated with Victory in the Family Ministries. Inc in Detroit MI. With a clear vision and the necessary outline, the goals and objectives set by Angels Enterprises team will bring this vision to life in Orlando, and expand in Michigan.


To provide a safe family oriented, friendly, and beautiful atmosphere that caters to families with diverse needs, support youth and adult sporting events in the community, and place homeless and disabled veterans in their own community with necessary programs to empower and encourage stability.


To provide a full service enterprise for families with diverse needs through, assisting homeless and disabled veterans in their housing and transportation needs and sporting events involving the youth.


Our goals include, but are not limited to:

The building of a state of the art community for out Veterans; our Heroic Angels. This site will be built in phases with the first phase of thirty-two units, twenty-four one bedroom units of 1000 square feet, and eight two bedroom units with 1200 square feet of living space. The community will have a clubhouse, chapel, stores, a clinic, gym, game room, six offices for the support of the program, a swimming area and a park where community members can fish. The second phase will have an additional thirty-two units.

-We plan to build a family resort with 300 units that cater to special needs families while creating recreational, and physical, activities for people with disabilities to participate in.

-International expansion in areas such as Michigan and the Bahamas.

-To provide accommodations based on income for special needs families, as well as homeless, and disabled veterans.

-A positive experience to all families.

-Business retention and expansion.

-Engagement in a partnerships with non-profit organizations such as Give The Kids The World, Ronald McDonald House, Shriner's, Special Olympics, Goodwill, Make a Wish Foundation, BASE Camp Children's Cancer Foundation, Department of Veteran Affairs, Habitat For Humanity, Vitas Health Care, Victory In The Family Ministries, Inc in Detroit, MI and other like-minded organizations who share the same values. 


-Seek to maintain the highest standards of quality, cleanliness , honesty, integrity, appearance, and services. To promote, protect and enhance the public image while creating a reputation worthy in the eye of God.

-We will increase independence, access and equal rights for everyone through the empowerment of people with disabilities.

-Provide transportation and required optional training programs in various departments to maintain the highest level of understanding & knowledge.

-Provide access to reservation services. Make sure we are in compliance with material and obligations under all licenses.

-Advertise, promote, publicize, continue market research, sales and market support, other sales, and marketing programs. Any relative activities, reservations by word of mouth, using radio, internet, social media, flyers and telecommunications.

-Contacting and working with the Department of Veterans to provide low income housing for homeless and or disabled veterans by building a community for veterans.